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Milena Alberobello Babonbo

About Us

Hi, we are the Ciprianis and our family is made up of mum Milena, dad Fabio and our lovely children Sofia and Nicolas. We live in Alberobello, a small village in the province of Bari characterized by the fantastic trullo-shaped houses that have made our country famous all over the world. Our town has become a UNESCO heritage site in 1996 and for some years is also famous among children thanks to the cartoon “Trulli Tales”. We decided to be part of the Babonbo family because we know very well what travelling with children means: too often we have changed the destination or means of transport with which we had decided to travel because we should have brought with us too many things. That is why we are very happy to rent our equipment so you can enjoy a "lighter" and more relaxing vacation. Good holiday to everyone!



Milena Alberobello Babonbo
Via Cesare Battisti 77
Alberobello (bari),