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OUR BRAND HOW OUR BRAND WAS BORN As Parents we realized that some products seemed to be made to not really meet the needs and solve the problems that we and our children have in everyday life, so we decided to start this fantastic journey of designing and manufacturing truly USEFUL and USABLE products! PRODUCTS MADE BY LISTENING TO YOUR NEEDS Starting from the needs of YOU PARENTS and YOUR LITTLE BABY, we design and manufacture products related to the world of early childhood to make the first years of your baby's life even more special! ONLINE SELLING We are born DIGITAL and our products can be purchased from our e-commerce. We are also present on AMAZON, EBAY and FACEBOOK to give our customers the opportunity to choose the channel that suits them best! Obviously the purchases made on our STORE will have an extra gear and not only that, we will have the possibility to associate a small gift to each purchase! Now we are giving the possibility to rent our products in the city of Milan, they can be collected at our logistics center in Viale Certosa 90, 20156 Milan



Zanclem For Kids
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