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How was born Baby On Tour Naples ???. "One day (October 2013) I left for a holiday in Spain with a dear friend of mine and my daughter, and on arrival the stroller was bad and my back was broken when I carried it all the way back and forth, I thought, "..because I don't find everything in place and travel light, so as not to damage or lose my belongings and save the transport and energy that I would like to use for the holiday .. otherwise that holiday is ?! ". So I did some research and realized that abroad was already normal, unlike Italy, which is lacking and even more so, of Campania that was totally devoid of a rental service of items for children! Campania has beautiful places, among nature, city beauties, fantastic viewpoints, it is a region that overlooks the sea but untangles between mountains, hills, narrow and strenuous urban and rural roads if you want to explore, then why deprive oneself of living fully a holiday also with your children? why go home with the regret of not having enjoyed the holiday because we are overloaded with bags, suitcases and handbags or regret not having what is necessary with us, of what we need? We are the answer on the territory, Baby On Tour Naples. A unique, fast, already accredited service, made up of people, whose mission is to facilitate and promote Campania tourism for families. Baby On Tour Naples has a small need for parents / tourists to have less stress and more freedom. (Stefano Moffa)



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