What's Babonbo - Babonbo


Babonbo - baby on board - was born with the aim of supporting families with small children during different life stages of the newcomer.

We have introduced a new model which disrupts the traditional methods of consumption: the rental of baby equipment.

You can rent baby equipment during your vacation:

Traveling by train, plane and car with babies is stressful. Imagine having to transport a car seat on an airplane: it is expensive and the the bulky baby gear is heavy to carry.

Our local providers deliver all the baby gear you need for your vacation directly at your destination: car seats, cots, strollers, toys etc.

You can rent baby equipment for a longer period:

Many baby items such as pram, carrycot stroller, co-sleeper bassinet etc are used for very short time, nevertheless they cost a lot and have a great impact on families.

Why choose long-term rental:

  • To support the circular economy.
  • To reduce the environmental impact that baby equipment has on the planet.
  • Not to fill your garage with equipment you no longer use.
  • Because thanks to our platform, at the end of the rental, you can buy the equipment you want to keep.
  • Because you can first try and then buy.
  • To save money.



Babonbo was born in 2018, when with the birth of my first daughter I realized that traveling with the little ones often becomes a heroic undertaking. Equipment, clothes, toys etc ... make even the shortest journey a full-fledged move.

The idea of creating a baby gear rental marketplace - in the short and long term - was supported by the Polihub - Innovation Park and Startup Accelerator; thanks to the support of this great reality and the support of a team capable of interpreting the needs of the market, Babonbo from a dream becomes reality, a reality that wants to help families during the first months of a child's life.