What's Babonbo - Babonbo

What is Babonbo?

Created for traveling families

Babonbo is the easiest way to rent baby gear for your vacations in Italy and soon in Europe.
We have created the best booking platform for those planning a trip to Italy and want to travel comfortably and lightly with their babies. Here you can find car seats, strollers, cribs and many other clean and safe products for your needs. You can book them safely and get them delivered to where and when you need so you can save time.

Created also for the existing and future local baby gear businesses

Those who have already baby gear rental business in Italy can grow it by being a provider of Babonbo. We give them:

1. Greater visibility to reach more customers worldwide thanks to our investments in marketing and communication
2. Access to professional tools to automate day-to-day business and to save time managing it
3. Opportunity to be part of a business community that caters to traveling families. Therefore, create synergies by collaborating with other baby gear rental companies in Italy and soon in Europe.

Even local baby goods shops with no rental business can expand their business by being a provider of Babonbo to take advantage of the benefits listed above.

If you are a mother who is looking for opportunities to create your own business to have a better work-life balance, you are very welcome to be a provider of Babonbo platform. You can start your business without making any investment if you have clean and safe baby gear which you do not use for your babies anymore.

Created for those who want to make money with baby gear they no longer use

Mothers or dads who are still in possession of safe and clean baby equipment are very welcome to be a provider of Babonbo platform. They will be able to start a business initiative that will bring them extra income without any investment.